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• LED Solar Area Lighting Donation To Remote Mountain Area Niupeng Village... 2020-06-30
• Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2020... 2020-10-17
• Patent Design LED Shell Module... 2020-06-12
• Hong Kong International Outdoor and Tech Light Expo 2019... 2019-11-18
• China International Chamber of Commerce Guangzhou Baiyun Chamber of Commerce... 2019-09-23
• 2019 Guangdong Industry Development Annual Convention... 2019-04-10
• 2019 International Trade Show Of Lighting Equipment... 2019-03-28
• 2018 Frankfurt Light+Building Fair 18.03.-23.03.2018... 2018-04-08
• We Will Attend 2018 Light+building Fair in Frankfurt(18.03-23.03.2018)... 2018-03-13
• 2018 NEW PRODUCT IS COMING NOW!... 2018-03-07
• Came back from 2016 Light+Building Frankfurt Fair!... 2016-03-26
• 2014 Hong Kong International Lighting Fair---We Are Visitors!... 2014-11-12
• 2018 Hong Kong International Outdoor And Tech Light Expo... 2019-02-28
• Successful exhibition---2014 Frankfurt light building... 2014-06-09
• 2014 Frankfurt Light+building... 2014-02-27
• What the LED Industry Can Learn From Solar... 2015-11-06
• We Are GMC Manufacturer... 2012-09-21
• Lighting up the night sky... 2012-10-29
• Council unveils UK's first LED street lights... 2012-09-19
• LED inventors win Nobel Prize for Physics... 2014-10-14
• China International Industry Fair... 2012-11-06
• Council to switch off thousands of street lights at midnight to save cash... 2012-11-05
• 2012 INTERLIGHT MOSCOW... 2012-11-03
• 2012 China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair)... 2012-10-20
• The iPad mini is coming... 2012-10-17
• The LED Show's... 2012-10-16
• Tripping the light fantastic... 2012-09-30
• Liquid-cooled LED lightas bright as a normal 100w bulb... 2012-09-24
• What is Inside an LED?... 2012-09-18
• Thousands of Chinese protesters take to the streets and overturn Japanese cars as feud over disputed islands nears crisis point... 2012-09-17
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Guangzhou hujiangLighting Electric Co., Ltd., was founded in 1995 which is specializes in manufacturing outdoor lighting products.It is an integrated lighting enterprise assembling Design,Research & Development, Manufacture,Marketing and ServiceSepcialty products include street lights....
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Guangyuan Middle Road street l
International Exhibition Cente
Dongguang section of GuangShen
''Shangxia Jiu Road &#
Zhuhai City Jinding Area Jinfe
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